2020 01. Inauguration of Chief Executive Officer (C.E.O Jun-Hwan Park)
2019 04. Enlargement of Sacheon Headquarters
01. Registeration for Hanwhaaerospace sub-tier company
2018 01. Merger of Songwol Co., Ltd. (integrated with Songwol Towel, a parent company)
2017 04. Registration for Korean Air sub-tier company (Sacheon Factory)
03. Registration for Korea Aerospace Industries sub-tier company (Sacheon Factory)
03. Acquisition of NADCAP certificate (AQS, Composite, Chemical Process, NDT)
03. Acquisition of AS9100 certificate (Sacheon Factory)
2016 12. Sacheon Factory Construction
10. MLA (Manufacturing License Agreement) approved
02. MOU contract with Gyeongsangnam-Do, Sacheon-Si
2015 11. Acquisition of NADCAP certificate (Composite)
08. Change of corporation name, ‘Songwol technologies’.
05. Change of CEO
2014 12. Awarded the grand prize of management by GNTP
05. Acquisition of Inno-Biz company certificate
03. New headquarter establishment (Gyeongsangnamdo Jinju)
2013 01. Registration for Korea Aerospace Industries Association(K.A.I.A)
2012 03. Acquisition of R&D Center certificate
2011 12. Registration for Sa-cheon aerospace mini cluster membership
09. Acquisition of AS9100 certificate
05. Acquisition of venture company certificate
01. Corporate establishment